BE a CITIZEN LOBBYIST: We Deserve Straight Answers

Holding our elected officials accountable requires we ask for answers — no beating around the political bush — straight answers. For far too long it has been the monetarily influential —through expertly done lobbying — that have gotten legislative results.  It’s our turn, our time to become effective citizen lobbyists.

Take actions now to help take back control of the lawmaking process as it was intended by our founding fathers. We the People are the only legitimate source of authority in our republic. We have been swept aside. Our elected officials have forgotten whose consent is proper and necessary for this democratic republic to survive and prosper.

We must demand a change in the way the business of the American people is done. Lobby for the good of the country. Give what time and effort you can.

“All states share a basic definition of lobbying as an attempt to influence government action.”  National Conference of State Legislatures 

“Lobbying is talking about what matters to you.” Tips for Citizen Lobbying

The League of Women Voters have advice on Making Your Voice Heard.

Do some bird-dogging…….Please take the time to read this.

Attend Town Hall Meetings held by Congressional Candidates



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