We are Just Individuals

The time has come for all of us to stop playing follow the leader and take independent actions to hold lawmakers accountable.

This website came about to help promote a Petition drive.
man-160088_150On January 27th, activist parent Sahila ChangeBringer put out this message on Facebook; TIME TO HARNESS THE OUTRAGE AND TAKE ACTION AGAINST EDUCATION REFORM. Among those who responded to that post were Susan Ohanian and Victoria M. Young.

And we tried, but, the White House petition failed.

The plan always was to come back with another action.

After the failure of the petition, we left this site but provided some useful information here.

We asked all of you then to show some political will to change No Child Left Behind.

Update 11/29/2015 – Congress is ready to act without the consent of the People, without respect for evidence, and without consideration of any alternative—— because they don’t hear YOU.

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