Demand Reasoned, Responsible Actions for Our Republic

Demand your representatives in D.C., in your own statehouses, and your school board representatives hear your reasoned requests. They work for us, not against us. And they haven’t and aren’t acting responsibly on any number of issues. Contact Your Representatives Today!

The BIGGEST THREAT to the U.S is the destruction of its Public Education System.

That is why this website came about. WE NEED ACTION from every citizen who proclaims, “education is important.”

ITEM stands for Independent Temporary Education Movement.

I — Independent because that is what each one of is. Think independently.

T — Temporary because none of us should be endlessly fighting to stop the War on Public Schools. We need to take back control of our schools.

E — Education because it is “the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in” (Lincoln); “education is the keystone in the arch of freedom and progress (Kennedy).” Education is the non-partisan bedrock of the Republic.

M —Movement is the only way we, as a people, provide the check and balance against corrupt political powers. Individually we make a difference in our smaller domains. Collectively we can STOP the destruction of the institution of public education.

For far too long it has been the monetarily influential —through expertly done lobbying — who have gotten legislative results.  It’s our turn. Become an effective citizen lobbyist.

Take actions now to help take back control of the lawmaking process. We the People are the only legitimate source of authority in our republic. Our elected officials have forgotten whose consent is proper and necessary for this democratic republic to survive and prosper.

Being a citizen lobbyist is as easy as picking up the phone or spreading the word in any way you can.

The League of Women Voters has advice on Making Your Voice Heard.

“All states share a basic definition of lobbying as an attempt to influence government action.”  National Conference of State Legislatures 

“Lobbying is talking about what matters to you.” Tips for Citizen Lobbying.

Try some bird-dogging…….Please take the time to read this.

Attend Town Hall Meetings held by Congressional Candidates

Pick the item you feel strongly about. Do what you can, when you can, as often as you can. Thank you for caring.

Contact Your Representatives Today!

6 thoughts on “Demand Reasoned, Responsible Actions for Our Republic

  1. I have just learned that my final attempted email to President Trump has once again been interrupted because it has not been able to be delivered for 45 hours, still awaiting to hear if final attempt is denied. This makes 3 avenues of attempted delivery to the President using emails given to me by the White House that will likely fail once the third and final route is denied.
    My Senators inboxes are full, and their local offices are telling me that they are only taking messages to relay to the Senators.
    Thank you for fighting for our children and our Nation!

    1. Thank you for all your efforts!

      Senators are to bring the wisdom of their region to the Senate. They are to represent the nation. They should be accessible.

      Messages should matter to them. Phone, e-mail, …. Twitter. If they aren’t viewing and managing their own accounts, we need to know that.

      Keep up the good fight. Persist. Resist if you are in the position to opt-out of testing. It does send a message.

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