WHY People Must Push Congress & the White House

The Simple Fact is that Congress and the White House Failed to Fix No Child Left Behind

The inaction on the part of Congress is unacceptable:

2002: No Child Left Behind went into effect having passed Congress in 2001 to become the first federal test-based accountability law built on a “test-and-punish” system of labeling children and schools. The calling card was “accountability, flexibility, and choice.”

2005: Detrimental “unintended consequences” were identified, researched, documented, and suggested changes to the law voiced and pushed by large numbers of individuals, groups, and organizations.
No action was taken by Congress.

2007: No Child Left Behind was due by law to be reviewed and reauthorized by Congress.
No action was taken by Congress.No_Child_Left_Behind_Act

The actions taken by the White House defy common sense:

2009: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act granted one-time(?) money for adopting common academic standards (like Common Core), revising teacher evaluation, compensation, and retention policies (test-based, pay-for-performance), fully implementing a statewide longitudinal data system, turning-around struggling schools (through 1 of 4 unproven models including closure), and for expanding support for charter schools (lifting state limits). This is known as the Race to the Top (RttT).
Congress approved this money.

2011: With the goals of the No Child Left Behind law obviously unattainable, Congress unwilling to change what was wrong with the law, and “flexibility” given to the Secretary of Education within the law itself, the Obama administration set up waivers based on  “college-and career-ready expectations” (like Common Core), “differentiated accountability” (now including charters & expanded funding for “priority” and “focus” schools beyond being just Title I schools), and still using a test-based system for teacher and principal evaluation.
Congress sat back and watched No Child Left Behind “work” as planned.

2014: FACE THE FACTS! Lawmakers are now calling for an investigation into White House actions while they have quietly been inactive on this matter for SEVEN years.

People, we must push to set things right.

Time to demand an end to test-based federal accountability? They can’t do it right! We must!

Start by Asking For Answers!

Contact Your Representatives Today.

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