Stop the Assault on Student Privacy & Parental Rights

Student Privacy and Parental Rights are under assault from three bills in Congress:

Add a slap in the face by the House to the already existing assault on privacy and rights. The House members didn’t respect the wishes of the People who contacted them to even have a roll call vote. In other words, they didn’t leave a record behind. H.R.4174 passed the House and moves on to the Senate.
Call your Senators. Here is the phone directory for the Senate. Ask them to Vote NO on H.R.4174/S.2046 when it comes before them.
  • The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (FEPA) (H.R. 4174/S.2046) — it creates a federal database containing data from every federal agency on every citizen and access to that information will be through D.C. BUREAUCRATIC APPROVAL;
Call HOUSE representative about these two bills H.R. 3157 and H.R.2434. Here is the phone directory. Ask them to Vote NO.
  • The Student Privacy Protection Act (H.R. 3157) — amends the REAL privacy protection Act — Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) — without restoring the FERPA privacy protections that were gutted in 2008 and 2011; and
  • The College Transparency Act (CTA) (H.R. 2434) — overturns the Higher Education Act’s ban on a federal student record system and establishes a system of lifelong tracking.
Special interest groups wanting increased access to highly personal student data for their own benefit have lobbied Congress to get our data WITHOUT OUR CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE.
Please check back for updates as they develop. Thank you.